Welcome to Brierley Bears!

About Brierley Bears

Brierley Bears are award winning, one of a kind, artist bears and other soft sculpture creations.

Each creation is designed and exquisitely handcrafted in Barnsley, South Yorkshire by me, Kat Hartley.

Please note: Brierley Bears are designed with the adult collector in mind, and due to the small parts used in creating them they are not suitable for children under the age of 14

    Elfreda 1 Branston 7 Ælfweard 13

My creations have travelled many miles to be with their new owners. Some have stayed here in the UK, but many have gone as far as the USA and Australia.

To adopt your own one of a kind creation, go and check out the shop page.

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A little info about the bears…

• Each creation is one of a kind

• Each creation has it’s own unique name

• They are all made from the highest quality mohair, alpaca or faux fur

• They are all filled with heavy weight polyester fibre and steel shot, which makes them quite heavy, but just right for a cuddle

• All bears come with a sewn-in tag and an individually designed hang tag around their neck

• Each hang tag has a photo of the bear, details of all materials used in its creation and signed for authenticity.

E. g. sample hang tags

• All bears also come with an individually designed information booklet.


Commissions are undertaken


I take great pride in my work and hope that each adopted bear brings lots of happiness to their new families.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Kat x

Member of the Guild of Master Bearcrafters