I thought you would like to see a preview of the bears that have been made especially Hugglets Teddies Festival 2017, where I will be exhibiting for the first time on 10th September.

Hugglets preview


Meet the preview bears below…



Ælfweard 16

Ælfweard’s name comes from the Anglo-Saxon ‘Ælf’ which means elf & ‘weard’ which means guardian.

So he is an elf guardian, he takes his name quite seriously too and on those lovely misty mornings he likes to sit by his favourite Oak tree and keep watch over the elves dancing in the meadow.

Oh yes, and if you happen to have any spellbooks or recipe books in the house, be sure to keep them out of paws reach. Being an elf guardian, he’s a master of protection spells, but he’s not so great at other spells or following recipes, so under supervision only please. You don’t want him making your tea taste like coffee or somehow turning his ears purple.



Elfreda 11

Elfreda is a middle English version of the Anglo-Saxon name ÆlfÞryð, made up of the elements Ælf which means ‘elf’ and Þryð which means ‘strength’.

She is not your typical elf. She’s spent far too long around humans and seems to have forgotten how to be an elf.
The only exception being that she’s a dab hand at conjuring up vanilla fudge.

Elfreda loves the vintage style. She noticed on some old artwork that women sometimes wore feathers in their headdresses and, stubborn as she is, has vowed never to go anywhere without her feather fascinator.

She could spend hours watching old black and white movies, especially if the film has Ginger Rogers in it.


Celeste 13

Celeste is a little alien bear born in the Orion Nebula. She can’t quite remember which star she came from exactly, but on clear nights she loves to gaze up at the stars in wonder.

She loves listening to music and her favourite song is Space Oddity by David Bowie.

Celeste loves anything that is purple and sparkly and she’ll do almost anything for a blueberry muffin.


Branston 7

Branston is a little bear with a big heart. He loves cuddles and will happily sit and listen to you talk to him for hours.

He loves going for walks along the beach too, he found the stone on his pendant on the beach.

His favourite food is cheese and pickle sandwiches, it must be Branston pickle though. Not that he’s picky, but he thinks that the brand is named after him and refuses to eat anything else.


Boris 7

Boris is a funny old character, he can get quite grumpy at times as get an occasional bout of Egyptian Fever. It’s nothing to worry about. Just give his right leg a bit of a squeeze every now and again, he’ll be fine.

His favourite food is seaweed, he believes that it keeps the colour of his eyes looking nice and bright (I told you he was a little odd, didn’t I?)

His favourite song is ‘Boris the Spider’ by The Who, which is how he chose his name.
He’s not a fan of spiders though, he’s actually quite scared of them. He believes that there is magic in his unakite pendant that helps to keep them away from him.

These bears are not available until the day of the show.

If you would like to meet the bears in person, come and see me at my stall at Hugglets on 10th September. I’ll be in Hall 3, Stall 112.

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If you are interested in adopting any of these preview bears and would like to be notified if any of them come back home with me, email me and let me know.