I seem to have been neglecting my blog again, but I have been busy. So I’ll start by introducing you to Ælfweard and then I’ll give you an update on Kangarillapig.


Introducing Ælfweard

Please meet my latest bear, Ælfweard. He’s the first bear that I have made with pointy ears, and I think he turned out perfectly (even if i do say so myself).

Let’s start from the beginning though, here he is all cut out and in the process of trimming the fur in the seams.

W.I.P Ælfweard - cut out & trimming seams

Pieces all ready for sewing together. Sewing up an arm on this one.

W.I.P Ælfweard - Sewing the pieces together

Stitching the head gusset.

W.I.P Ælfweard - stitching the head gusset

Head stuffed and just started to fur trimming started.

W.I.P Ælfweard - head stuffed

More work needed on the head, but here he is laid out ready for jointing.

W.I.P Ælfweard - ready for jointing

Face successfully scissor sculpted to a shape that I’m happy with. But which ears do I use?

W.I.P Ælfweard - Testing the ears

Nose is needle-felted, he can breathe now.

W.I.P Ælfweard - he has a nose

Ooh, the pointy ones look much better this way up, we’ll be sticking with these.

W.I.P Ælfweard - Ears and eyes pinned on

Painting the eyes, just need to choose which colour to use when they’ve dried.

W.I.P Ælfweard - Painting the eyes

Head almost finished and attached. All jointed and feet stuffed, still needs a bit of fattening up though.

W.I.P Ælfweard - Needs fattening up

All finished now, a little sneak preview.

W.I.P Ælfweard - Sneak preview

And here he is, all finished.

Ælfweard 1

He’s available for adoption now, so do check out the orphanage

* * *

Kangarillapig update

Do you remember Kangarillapig?


He was my commissioned challenge for January.

Anyway, I had an email from his new mum (the writer of the storybook that he is from) letting me know that he’s been on his travels and is loving meeting his fans.

Last week he was in the Costa Blanca. He went to visit two English schools over there and I’m pleased to say that he was very popular, the children loved him.

He has his own little basket and the children get really excited when he comes out of it.

If you’d like to meet the author of the Kangarillapig book and Kangarillapig himself, then you can, very soon…

They will be attending the Geronimo Festival in Manchester on 27th – 29th May 2017.