Kangarillapig, what’s one of those? I hear you ask.

Well, at the beginning of January I was contacted by a lady called Rosie Button, who had written a children’s book called ‘A Bleat on a Bleak Winter’s Night’, you can find more information about and purchase this book at the authors website.

The main character is Kangarillapig. He has the bottom half of a kangaroo, the upper body of a gorilla and the head of a pig, hence Kangarillapig.

Anyway, to help promote her book, Rosie asked me if I could create the main character.

Relishing the challenge, I said “Yes!”.

Here is the initial design

Kangarillapig - initial design

Normally I don’t do mock ups, I just wing it and hope for the best. Thankfully, this has served me well thus far. But, since this was a challenge of a different beast, I thought it best to do one this time.

So here is the mock up.

Kangarillapig - mock up - front

Kangarillapig - mock up - side

Next job was choosing the ear placement

Kangarillapig - mock up - choosing the ear placement

After suggesting some fur choices, Rosie selected the ones that she wanted and it was time to get the materials ordered.

Then time to start working on the real Kangarillapig.

Here he is cut out

Kangarillapig ready to cut out

Sewing the nose

Kangarillapig - sewing the nose

Almost all sewn up

Kangarillapig - sewing in progressJust the last foot to do now

Kangarillapig - only one foot to sew

Head finished and attached, limbs attached too. He’s still a bit skinny though, just needs a little fattening up now.

Kangarillapig - head attached but still skinny

Here he is all done, posing with the book and waiting for his waistcoats to be made.

Kangarillapig - waiting for his waistcoats

His waistcoats are almost finished…

Kangarillapig - working on the waistcoats

And finally, without further ado, here he is…

Please allow me to introduce you to Kangarillapig.


Kangarillapig - head

Kangarillapig - pouch

Kangarillapig - red waistcoat

Kangarillapig - red waistcoat back

Kangarillapig - green waistcoat

Kangarillapig - blue waistcoat

I hope you like him, I’ve had great fun creating him.

Don’t forget to check out Rosie’s book