It’s been a while since I posted on here as I’m afraid that there hasn’t been much bear making lately. We have been converting the small bedroom next to my work room into a bathroom, so my workshop has been covered in tools and toolboxes etc., and I wouldn’t have been happy with any of the dust settling on the fur, it was horrible.

Other than the electrics, plastering and fitting the new floor covering, we did the all the work ourselves. Well, hubby did most of the work and I passed him things as he needed them.

Oh yes, and most importantly, I kept up the supply of tea 🙂

Here it is from start to finish:

Bathroom before

Bathroom before

Bathroom outside wall stripped

outside wall stripped

Bathroom wall gone

outside wall gone

Bathroom - me killing the plaster

me – killing the plaster

Bathroom - bare walls

bare walls – ready to start again

Bathroom - old floor coming up

old floor coming up

Bathroom -cutting a big hole in the wall

cutting a big hole in the wall

Bathroom - Shadow supervising Rob putting up the stud walls

Shadow supervising Rob putting up the new stud walls

Bathroom - plumbing is in

plumbing is in

Bathroom - shower has walls

the shower has walls

Bathroom - walls are almost all up

Bathroom walls are almost all up

Bathroom - tiling started

tiling started

Bathroom - tiling almost done

tiling almost done

Bathroom - shower base in

shower base in

Bathroom - all plastered

all plastered

Bathroom - how huge is this shower

how huge is this shower?

Bathroom - lovely new floor

lovely new floor

Bathroom - finished vanity unit

finished vanity unit

Bathroom - finished toilet

finished toilet

Bathroom - finished shower

finished shower

Hope you enjoyed looking through the pics, I am quite proud of how it has turned out so I thought I’d share it with you.

Next big job is our loft conversion, and then a re-design of my workroom.

Really looking forward to getting it all done, but dreading the mess and dust!

Back to some bear making now!