About the Bears

14 Years creating unique characters

A little info about the bears…

Only the Best

Luxury Materials

Every Brierley Bear is handmade made from the highest quality luxury faux fur, mohair or alpaca.

To help add to their luxurious feel I fill them all with heavy weight polyester fibre and steel shot (even the little ones).

They are all fully jointed with nuts & bolts and cotter pins.

All of the bears have glass eyes too, the black ones are as they come, but the coloured eyes are hand painted.


unique personalities

How to recognise a Brierley Bear

Almost every Brierley Bear has an exceptionally large nose, with the exception of old-fashioned teds and the other animals that I create, such as unicorns.

All bears come with a sewn-in tag and an individually designed hang tag around their neck

Each hang tag has a photo of the bear, details of all materials used in its creation and is signed for authenticity.

All bears also come with an individually designed information booklet. This booklet includes the bears story and birthday and care instructions.

If you are commissioning a special bear, e. g. for a new baby gift, then you can write your own story to make it much more personal.

Designed and Handmade In Yorkshire

Each Brierley Bears creation is designed and handmade by me in my home studio in Yorkshire.

All patterns are my own.

Every Brierley Bears creation is one of a kind and has his or her own unique name.

I take great pride in my work and many of my bears have found new homes with discerning collectors in the UK, Malta, Canada, USA and Australia.