A little info about the bears…

• Every Brierley Bears creation is one of a kind and has his or her own unique name

• Each creation is designed and handmade by me in my home studio in Yorkshire. All patterns are my own.

• They are all made from the highest quality mohair, alpaca or faux fur

• Every creation is filled with heavy weight polyester fibre and steel shot, which makes them quite heavy, but just right for a cuddle

• All bears come with a sewn-in tag and an individually designed hang tag around their neck

• Each hang tag has a photo of the bear, details of all materials used in its creation and is signed for authenticity.

E. g.

Brierley Bears | Hang tags | individually designed

• All bears also come with an individually designed information booklet. This booklet includes the bears story and birthday and care instructions.

If you are commissioning a special bear, e. g. for a new baby gift, then you can write your own story to make it much more personal.

Brierley Bears | Information booklets | stories | care instructions