what our collectors say

I love to hear back from my collectors. After all, without them I wouldn’t be able to keep making my bears.

Here are a few testimonials from happy collectors…

Thank you Kat for my fantastic bear Herne. Commissioned by Catherine for my 50th birthday surprise. 
Kat he is brilliant and to think I was following him on your page not realising he was for me. As you know I have wanted one of your bears for a long time so when I received him I was overwhelmed. 
Catherine showed me all the plotting that went on between you and could not recommend you more. I know bear owning is not a manly thing but I love your bears and the look you give them. 

She’s made it! More beautiful than I imagined. She certainly fits right in with the family 💜
Thank you so much

He’s GORGEOUS!!😍😍 he’s so soft! Lol. He looks even better in person, we’re so happy with him. Having met one in person, he’s a special little creation. Mokka has been created with great skill from only a couple of pictures!

I love him so much thank you! I’ve spent about 20 minutes placing him in the right place I’m so happy. I appreciate the effort that goes in to making the bears and I love them very much I will definitely want another x

Many thanks for sending Bertie so promptly. He arrived today and is very sweet. He has met up with the others and Esme even let him sit on her chair ( only for a little while though lol) and he feels at home already. Love his wee cap and trousers. My step grandad worked on the railways so, again, it’s nice to have such a special bear in memory.

Dante’s an amazing little bear and we are very proud adoptive parents. Next I’ll go and win the lottery so I can keep you busy for even longer! He’s a great anniversary present to ourselves, we love him! Thanks for getting him here in time! amazing your bears are! Your bears are worth every penny of their adoption money for the pleasure of many happy years together. Stunningly and lovingly crafted by their maker. All very special bears by a very talented lady.

Safe arrival of Jiao Jin who has settled in well. Isabella and him happy to meet up again. No bamboo but he seemed happy with an apple.  We are looking forward to a sparkly Christmas together. He’s a very handsome panda and what stunning eyes he has :-). Thanks Kat xx

I collected Kangarillapig today, he is fantastic. Loved the pin badge, I will wear it when I do author visits. Thank you so much.

Isabella arrived this morning and was shown the garden and met Harris the Steiff teddy. She is absolutely gorgeous- petite and perfect with such soft fur, strokeable pads and stunning eyes ( her eyes/expression reminds me of a cute Bichon frise I walk). Thank you so much for sending her on so quickly and the thoughtful card. You are very talented and I’m absolutely delighted- she’s even better in the fur than from photos. I’ll take good care of her.

Had a bear custom made from Brierley Bears and am delighted with him! Different to any other bears I’ve ever seen before and of very high quality. This could be the start of a new collection! Thanks again Kat xx

I just wanted to let you know I received Awen and he is one of the neatest bears I’ve seen in a long time. He’s very unique. His eyes are so cool and I love his growl. Thank you so much – I feel lucky to have the opportunity to have him in my collection.

Hey there, proud owners of Alastor from the gallery, one of a kind. Knew my fiance would love it, fate just meant I was in that shop at the right time, that teddy could ONLY be made for him! He is very much loved, and I would recommend these beautiful bears to anyone from casual buyer to collector alike…you can’t get much more special! And added touch receiving his birth certificate and lovely card! My thanks again to the maker of these wonderful bears! Xxx

He is beautiful and so happy to call him mine. Your artist talent shows through your creativity of the bears. Thank you so much

He is over the moon with Vyvyan! He’s spiked his hair back up already and he’s with his other adopted brother on our bookcase for now where he can watch tv! Luke is so chuffed as he was devastated when he found out he’d been adopted!
Vyvyan has such an unusual texture for his fur but it’s so soft!
We both love him to pieces!

Heri has arrived safely and here he is making friends with Rosie the Rabbit :-). He is gorgeous and I especially love his eyes. Soon he’ll be meeting up with his old friends. Many thanks for sending him so quickly and be rest assured he will be well looked after and loved.

Ælfweard sends his best wishes. He’s settled in nicely and likes cake for breakfast!! He’s just soooooo adorable. He’s one very special bear in more ways than one.

Just received Celeste yesterday and she is out of this world, so much detail, I love her to bits. Thank you so much Kat xx

Esme ( or Esmeralda as I think of her) has arrived and she is gorgeous. Like the others she is so well made and I love her. The booklet is brilliant too and I noticed you added a birthday which is great. She’s made herself at home, has her own rocking chair and has been happily reunited with her old friends :-).

I love buying from you Kat as, not only are your bears beautiful, but you come across as a warm, genuinely nice person interested in clients and love of making bears. You also put a lot of effort into your website with extra information, interactive sections and offers.

Look who has arrived! Thank you Brierley Bears he is gorgeous! Perfect in every way!

Just to let you know Wisp has Made it Home. He is amazing, thank you. X

I wanted to let you know, Bramwell arrived safely and is perfect. Thank you.

I just love Brierley Bears. I got my first around a month ago, called Sabrina. She’s adorable & expertly crafted. You can tell as well that these bears are made with love & passion. My second, Sage is secured. Also, Kat provides a wonderful, personal service. You’re not just a run of the mill customer. I’m sure over time, I will continue to buy bears from this lovely lady.


Brought Lucas from Stonegate Bear shop in York last weekend. His cute face caught my eye as soon as I entered the shop. Excellent quality. Will treasure him forever.