What is an Artist Bear?

I wonder how many people know about the wonderful world of artist bears?

I’m assuming that since you are reading this that you have heard about artist bears before.

Most people meet teddy bears in toy shops. You’ve seen the bears in the shops haven’t you? The majority are very cheap and mass produced, which is great for a child’s toy, especially when you know that it’s going to travel everywhere with them and need washing regularly.

Then there are the limited edition bears by some well known manufacturers, these are more expensive than the children’s toys and are normally aimed at adult collectors. They are lovely, and may still be designed by an artist. But they are still mass produced and the limited editions are still around 1000 or more. They are also easily available to buy anywhere, whether it be a specialist bear shop, jewellery shop and even garden centres.

A good starting point for a budding bear collector though 🙂

Mentioning bear collectors; did you know that someone who collects or is fond of bears is called an Arctophile? And a collection of bears is called a hug?

What is an arctophile?

Unlike the mass produced bears, artist bears are creations that are designed and hand crafted usually by one person.

Most artist bears will be one-of-a-kind, or very small limited editions each with it’s own unique character.

There’s just something a bit special about artist bears. A lot of time, love and a little bit of the artists soul goes into each creation as it is made.

When you adopt an artist bear you know that you are the only person that owns that particular bear.

I really do think that it’s a lovely feeling, knowing that no-one else in the world can own something that you have 🙂

So, why should I adopt an artist bear?

Here are just a few reasons why you may want to adopt an artist bear…

  1. You are a collector, and you need no other reason other than the need for another beautiful creation to join your hug.
  2. You love handmade items and like to support independent artists/businesses.
  3. A keepsake for a new baby, after all, it’s nice to have a furry friend to grow up with. They are extremely good at keeping all your secrets too.
  4. As a treasured memory for a loved one who has passed.


And on that note; if you’d like to add a new friend to your hug, you can see who’s still available for adoption here or email me if you would like to commission a bear.