I haven’t shared a work in progress post with you for a while, so I thought you may like to see the making of Orla, my latest creation.

 I had great fun creating this fluffy little girl, and I hope you like her.

* * *

First job is drawing out the pattern on the fabric and cutting it out.

Followed by trimming the seams (fur fabric is so much easier to sew if the seams are trimmed, especially on long furs like this one)

WIP - Orla - cutting out & trimming seams

Next, the bear is pinned together and ready to start sewing up

WIP - Orla - half pinned and ready to sew

Once everything is sewn together, it’s time to start working on the head.

First, I like to start trimming back the top of the muzzle and pin on the ears. This gives me an idea how the bear may look when it’s finished.

WIP - Orla - ears on and trimmed

More trimming done (and covered from head to toe in fluff). Now it’s time to pin in the placement eyes and needle-sculpt the eye sockets.

Starting to look a little more bear-like now, but still lots to do.

WIP - Orla - eyes pinned on

After sculpting and more trimming I’m finally happy with the look of the head.

The ears are now sewn in (the most fiddly part of working with long fur), and here I am inserting her gorgeous hand painted eyes.

WIP - Orla - inserting eyes

After needle-felting that gorgeous big nose (don’t worry, she didn’t feel a thing) here is a sneak preview.

I love how this one turned out.

WIP - Orla - Sneak preview 2

Here is a close up of her eyes…

I couldn’t quite capture them properly when I did her photo shoot, but they are a lovely green-blue colour, and sparkly too.

WIP - Orla - Close up of eyes

I made her pendant too, a lovely piece of moonstone that I wire wrapped.

Orla pendant

And without further ado, here she is…

Meet Orla…

Orla 1

Here is her story…

Orla loves to gaze at the moon, watching it waxing and waning in wonder. Her pendant is moonstone, and she believes that it was made by moonlight.

Her favourite flowers are snowdrops and purple crocuses, as they can be seen everywhere she looks around her birthday.

Orla’s name means ‘golden princess’ and she’ll play up to that meaning if you give her chance by having you cater to her every whim.

She is a kind soul though and a great listener. She has a special talent for getting you to confess all your secrets to her (but don’t worry, she’s incredibly good at keeping secrets).

She’s available for adoption now