Why do handmade items cost so much?

“Why does it cost so much?” or simply “How much?!” This is comment often made at craft fairs when they pass my stall.

Usually it is muttered quietly or it’s a look in the eyes of the visitor as if to say the same thing, which is fine, I do expect these comments at some events.

I thought I’d try and explain why our handmade items can be quite expensive.

If you run a little craft business, you know how many background expenses there are. If you don’t, here’s a rough idea:

Such as supplies, insurance, advertising costs, our time (you wouldn’t go to work for free would you?). We get charged for receiving money by PayPal or card companies (around 3-4%). If we sell on any third party sites like Etsy and eBay, we also have their fees (around 10%), selling through shops may be a larger percentage. If we exhibit at events we have stall fees (after all, it isn’t free to attend events), fuel to get to the event, and sometimes accommodation.

Then, because we are selling our wares, we have to give the taxman his cut too.

So, as you can see, it’s not cheap to run a little craft business.

handmade is cheap?

Anyway, it got me thinking that we’re so used to mass produced items in the shops, all so cheap and disposable. It makes me sad that most people just don’t value quality, in some cases unique, handmade items any more. And from experience I know it’s not cheap to make quality handmade items.

Maybe it’s because I’m a crafter and know how much time and effort goes into any crafters work that I appreciate and value handmade items.

Appreciating handmade - Tami Gagne

I am also a big believer in supporting small, family run businesses.

Buying something handmade is the perfect way to do this, whilst owning something unique and beautiful in the process.

So, next time you adopt one of my bears, or anything from another independent artist,

don’t forget …

When buying from an artist - Rebekah Joy Plett