I think I’ve come a long way in the 11 years that I have been creating my bears, so here is a history of Brierley Bears, in photos.

So, I thought I’d share my bear making journey with you.

Starting at the beginning, I’ll show you how my creations have changed over the years, and a few of my first attempts.

I hope you can tell that even from the beginning I’ve always tried to make sure that they are the highest quality that I can achieve.

Anyway, lets start…

Here is my very first bear. This is the one that I made for my baby cousin, 11 years ago. He is called Mr Bean, and I’m pleased to say that he is still a very well loved bear.


Here are Fred and Ted. These I made on my own, following one of the patterns from The ABC’S of Making Teddy Bears by Linda Mead.

Ted is on the right, with a lovely Christmas hat (made by my mum). He was my first attempt and done to the pattern.

Fred, left, is the first pattern that I altered.


This is the point when Rob, my husband, booked the teddy bear making course for me.

On this course I made Patch, at which point I decided that I definitely loved this art form and started to design my own patterns.


Violet was the very first bear that I sold.


I tried my hand at needle felting a bear too, but decided my talents were with the furry variety of bear.


This was my first craft fair, I didn’t have many bears at the time, so I shared the table with some of my husband’s wood turned pieces.

first craft fair

Tiny was my first attempt at a miniature bear (sorry for the really bad quality photo of this one, it was taken with a very old mobile phone)


Followed shortly by tipsy (who found a lovely new home with my next door neighbour) 🙂


Bernard was the first faux fur bear that I made.


Alex was the first bear that I airbrushed. Would you believe that she started out all white? All the purple is airbrushed.


Henry was my first attempt at a different animal. He was made from a pattern that I bought, and he was a gift for my oldest nephew.

Henry is named after my in-laws old family pet, a German shepherd / collie cross. He was a wonderful dog and we all still miss him dearly.

 Henry Henry 2

Coffee was the first bear that I dyed myself (with coffee, but you had already guessed that didn’t you?). He was also the first bear that found a new home overseas.

Coffee went to live in the USA.


Albert was my first old-fashioned ted, of my own design.


Louis was the first bear that I entered in a competition. Alas he didn’t win, but he did make it to the public voting round and came in fourth place.


Buster was the first bear that placed 2nd in a competition, the National Teddy Bear Artist Awards.


And, now onto a few more recent bears, they’re much heavier these days too.

Rumbo was my first squirrel.


Freya was my first moon gazing hare.


Peony was the first bear that had lovely long false eyelashes.


Poppy and Walt were my first commissions to look like family pets.


Poppy Walt

Kody was my first koala, and he came in 4th place in this year’s Excellence in Bear Artistry awards.


Liliana was my first unicorn.

Liliana 1

Gertie is the first bear that has had a full page photo in a magazine. You can see her in the October/November issue of Teddy Bear Times

Gertie 3

And finally, my latest two bears.

Vyvyan the punk,


and Wurzel


I hope you’ve enjoyed little history of Brierley Bears.

To date, including those very first bears, I have made 158 bears.

I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed making every one of them, and I intend on continuing to make them for many years to come.