I’ve just done another craft fair and started a new commission since I last posted on here, so I thought I’d better give you a little update.

Kirk Sandall Craft Fair

Claire’s craft fair in Kirk Sandall, Doncaster this Sunday was a great day.

It was another three hour fair, and fairly busy, although we weren’t run off of our feet.

Here is a photo of my stall, along with my beautiful assistant Tracey

Stall 16.08.15

No bears found new homes this weekend, but you can see who is still available to adopt on my shop page.

By the way, Tracey makes beautiful jewellery under the name of Bats & Pieces. I’ll give you the link to her Facebook page as soon as it is set up.


Commission bear update

I started working on my latest commission bear last week.

He’s going to be a very fluffy bear and he will be called Sol, here are a few photos.

W.I.P - Sol - cut out

W.I.P – Sol – cut out

W.I.P - Sol - half sewn up

W.I.P – Sol – half sewn up

W.I.P - Sol - head gusset & foot to sew

W.I.P – Sol – head gusset & foot to sew

W.I.P - Sol - all sewn up

W.I.P – Sol – all sewn up

W.I.P - Sol - head

W.I.P – Sol – head

I am just in the process of painting a pair of eyes for him. Still not sure whether he needs coloured eyes or black eyes.

We’ll find out what looks best on him tonight.


Feathered visitor

Did I tell you the other month that we had a family of wood pigeons nesting in our holly bush?

Well, on Saturday, we had a visit from one of this year’s babies.

I had just dropped Rob off at home and gone to collect the Chinese take away.

As he walked in the house, he heard a knocking sound. He discovered the baby trying to break into our living room window (without much success).

He managed to get a couple of photos, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Baby pidgeon Baby pidgeon 2

Isn’t he cute?