What a fantastic January this has been!

I’ll tell you about it in a moment, but let’s start off at the beginning of the year.


I started the year off with a Koala commission.

He was my first Koala, so I was slightly nervous about how he would turn out, especially as I went in head first with my pattern and cut it straight out of the mohair I bought for him.

Thankfully he turned out beautifully, even if I do say so myself :).

His new mum decided to name him Kody, which suits him beautifully, and here he is in the making:

All cut out…

Kody - cut out

Almost all sewn up, just the feet to do…

Kody - almost all sewn up

Head stuffed, just testing out the eye and ear placements…

Kody - head is getting there

Almost done…

Kody - still skinny

Ta da… Meet Kody 🙂

Kody - all finished

He’s jetting off to his new home in Ireland as we speak 🙂


A few other bears have managed to find their forever homes too!

First, Wisp found a new mum (he’s going to live with her in a couple of months).


Then Bramwell travelled all the way to the USA to be with his new mum, here he is waiting to be sent.

Bramwell packed up

Now, George has found a new home and will be going there next week.


Fingers and toes crossed that we can keep this up, then I’ll be one step closer to cutting the day job hours down (a girl can dream…).

I am just about to start work on another bear, as always there will be work in progress photos on my Facebook page.


My bears are in a physical shop again…

A new shop called All Makers Together has opened recently in a little place called Elsecar Heritage Centre.

It is a lovely little shop and it hosts work by a collection of crafters and I have decided to put a few of my bears in there.

Obviously, as my bears are one of a kind, the bears in the shop are exclusively available from All Makers Together.

I don’t do many fairs, so this is the ideal opportunity to see my creations in the fur.

They are planning on creating a little work area, which I think is a brilliant idea, so you may occasionally find me there working on my creations.

You can find more information about the shop at the All Makers Together Facebook page



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